About me

Hi again, Lee Uehara here.
Like I mentioned, I’m really glad you’re here, however you ended up with me today.

I have experienced most of the bullet points on the home page, and so when I say that EFT Tapping can work for you because it worked for me, I mean it.

I’m a certified EFT Tapping Practitioner through EFTi, and keep current with all those continuing education credit requirements.

In addition, I started the non-commercial movement, International EFT Tapping MonthIt’s every August, by the way. And 2023 marks our fifth year bringing awareness to this amazing, affordable, and effective modality. You and your friends can go and receive FREE EFT Tapping resources. Really, go on now—you know, after you’ve checked out the podcast and subscribed to my newsletter.

And, if you align with what I’m offering, let’s work together! 


Welcoming B/W photo of Lee Uehara.